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Here is an original idea for the DRUG ADDICT OF HOLLYWOOD; why not a ghost shark...It only takes physical form when it bites. To the opposite of you guys which have no physical form when you think of your movies. Mine is way better, maybe I should be CEO of SyFy?.


Who ever is making the sharknado movies should have these toxic sharks in them. Also it is like the shark is basically a zombie shark.. Does it have a full penetration scene? He smells crime before it happens!!. This made me sit for 10 and think to myself why do we exist

By the way this shark( the megalododon) did used to exist

12 feet sind nicht 12 meter 12 feed sind 3 meter Aka zombie shark Hab den Trailer noch nicht gesehen aber was soll an in einem Pool eingesperrt zu sein gefährlich sein lol

After watching the movie, i was shocked the chinese cutie was actually 45...

hahaha i like it like vempire♥.♥. well can't fault them for tripping balls with this idea Bin ich hir die deusche It's the new Sharknado OK I know there many new awesome sci-fi movie but this what the hell!?. Z 🦈 does anyone know the setting Só tem gringo Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for horror premises now, aren't we? Somebody killed baby shark and now daddy shark is mad

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