Welcome To Christmas Tube 151


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Omg this is Peleş Castle from Romania!!!❤❤😍😍

project x: adult edition

Very cliche just how I like my movies 😂😂😂😂



Kinda disappointed he didnt go after her. But great actors. I cried.

i saw the movie yesterday, it was awesome! and so funny :DDD

So happy this has a sequel, I really liked the first one. I really love these kinds of movies this time of year. Please give us a trilogy with a A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. A Christmas baby boy, haha..

What's the song after Kool and the gangs? not the last one but the one in between the two?

oh no, should I marry the love of my life and have arts and crafts blog ? life is soooo hard

Jimmy Butler popping champagne at 1:47

The comments on this page are not ironic. I'm unsettled.

Why is she so beautiful

This was the best movie of 2016

I'm waiting to see 'Netflix' plug 'Netflix' movies in this one just like the The Princess Switch' or 'The Advent Calendar'🤣🤣.

Ohhh yaaayy I watched the first one!

The chick in the red top is so hot. She dances so good. Crazy Christain people ,make fun of their religion. PEACE song at 1:12 ? Usually these movies pleasantly surprise you by having some sort of substance. This one had absolutely nothing to it other than what you see in the trailer..



Everyone in this not-England country speaks with an English accent. Yay Another Jason Bateman Movie.


Yes!!!! I watched it for the first time the other day and so im excited for this!!! 💞 jennifer aniston just gets hotter with age

Stop nananaoooo...... I'm all ready DEAD! .... yeah yeah yeah 🙄😂






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